BWT Bestsave M KS10I00A00

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BWT Bestsave M KS10I00A00- Limescale protection pad for coffee machine water tanks- Reliable basic limescale protection- Easy to use and efficient- Mi...

BWT Bestsave M KS10I00A00

- Limescale protection pad for coffee machine water tanks

- Reliable basic limescale protection

- Easy to use and efficient

- Minimises limescale build-up in the equipment

- Cost-effective solution

The BWT bestsave limescale protection pad provides perfect basic limescale protection for all coffee machines with an integrated water tank. The limescale protection pad is easy to use; simply unpack the filter and rinse it under running water and place it horizontally on the bottom of the coffee machine tank. BWT bestsave is ideally suited for smaller vending machines and coffee outlets. The best results are achieved when water optimisation takes place overnight to ensure a sufficient supply of filtered water for use the next day.

Benefits of BWT bestsave at a glance:

- For coffee machines with an integrated water tank

- Pad easy to place in the water tank

- Effective, long-lasting limescale protection

- Reliable and easy to use

- Cost-effective and efficient

- Reduced appliance maintenance

The BWT bestsave is available in 2 different versions:

- BWT bestsave M

- BWT bestsave L

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