Giesen Coffee Roaster W30A

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Giesen Coffee Roaster W30Aสอบถามข้อมูลสินค้าเพิ่มเติม โทร 02-681-2424 ต่อ 1201-1205Our newest Coffee Roaster is the Giesen W30A. This coffee roaster i...

Giesen Coffee Roaster W30A

สอบถามข้อมูลสินค้าเพิ่มเติม โทร 02-681-2424 ต่อ 1201-1205

Our newest Coffee Roaster is the Giesen W30A. This coffee roaster is the perfect roasting solution for middle and large coffee roasteries. With a capacity of 30 kg green coffee beans it can roast up to 120 kg of coffee beans per hour.

Covering the gap between the W15 and W45

Based on the demands of our customers we developed the Giesen W30A Coffee Roaster.With the capacity of 120 kg/h it is a valuable addition to any roastery that produces freshly roasted coffee on a larger scale. This is also a perfect solution for our customers who have outgrown the W15 and prefer to gradually increase their production capacity.

The advantage of a control tower

The Giesen W30A Coffee Roaster, as the W45A, is standard equipped with a stand alone control tower provided with a touch screen. The roasting process itself can be monitored and programmed via the control tower system. This is the well known Roast Profile System, that Giesen Coffee Roasters works with for all the coffee roasters. Proven recipes and roast profiles can be saved into the system and replayed for selected batches. In this way it is easy to roast different coffee types, each with their own settings and duration, for the optimal stable end result that meets the original quality every time again. The control tower system is easy to operate via a touch screen where the temperature, power, fan speed and drum speed can be adjusted. All parameters are visible on the screen and every adjustment can be controlled, even up to the physical under pressure in the roasting drum.

The design of the Giesen W30A Coffee Roaster

The Giesen W30A Coffee Roaster is following the proven industrial Giesen design principles. The coffee roaster has a cast iron double walled drum with high performance bearings. The whole machine is equipped with low noise fans and all parts are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally the roaster works with an internal cyclone to collect the chaff of the roasted beans. The standard heat resistant colors are black or silver grey as we consider those a suitable finishing touch for this highly industrial coffee roaster. Upon request it is possible to customize the color of the coffee roaster into every existing RAL code.

The Giesen W30A Coffee roaster is very appealing to look at because of its traditional appearance. It owes its artisanal image mainly to the design and use of high quality materials like cast iron. This is the perfect material to retain and distribute the heat evenly over the coffee beans. Like all Giesen Coffee Roasters, it can also be customized in a different color. The standard version of the roaster is black, but you can choose any other RAL colour of your desire. This enables you to personalize your coffee roaster in a unique way. To match the colours of your company logo for example or even the interior of your shop.



15 – 30 kg green beans



50 or 60 Hz


Propane and Natural
65 kW


2 X Ø 200 mm


Roaster: 1200 kg
Cooling sieve: 200 kg



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