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BIANCO DI PURO GUSTO PRO SILENCEGUSTO PROProfessional high performance mixer with magnetic motoRevolutions per minuteThe brushless DC motor has a wide...



Professional high performance mixer with magnetic moto

Revolutions per minute

The brushless DC motor has a wide speed range from 400 to 15,000 rpm for special high torque kneading or chopping applications.

It offers extreme versatility in the preparation of dishes. From kneading and grinding to preparing dough, sauce, vegetables, soy milk,

nuts and green smoothies.


Extreme versatility

The magnetic motor offers a wide range of speeds. From kneading to grinding - it offers extreme versatility with the preparation

of meals and green smoothies.

Silent operation

With a brushless DC motor, there is no mechanical friction during operation during the mixing process. Therefore it is even 12 DB quieter

compared to conventional AC motors, i.e. only 72 DB.



10 Mix programs

5 pre-defined + 5 individual

5 predefined mixing programs ensure simple operation. Alternatively, you can add 5 completely individual creations of your own and thus adapt the mixing programs

completely to your needs and wishes and have them available at the touch of a button.


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