Giesen Destoner Type OW50

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Giesen Destoner Type OW50สอบถามข้อมูลสินค้าเพิ่มเติม โทร 02-681-2424 ต่อ 1201-1205Coffee is a natural product. Harvested in the coffee plantations of ...

Giesen Destoner Type OW50

สอบถามข้อมูลสินค้าเพิ่มเติม โทร 02-681-2424 ต่อ 1201-1205

Coffee is a natural product. Harvested in the coffee plantations of countries like Brazil, Colombia, India or Africa, the green coffee beans travel a long way before they end up in your coffee roaster. These are the green beans that you use to roast the finest coffee for your customers and it is important that they are fresh and clean.

Foreign bodies in coffee

As all natural and imported products, also coffee beans contain a small percentage of foreign bodies, or ‘sticks and stones’ in other words. It doesn’t really matter which quality you use, as this will always be part of the product. However, you do not want these parts to be present in the end product. Whether your end product is ground coffee or roasted coffee beans, it is important that it is 100% pure.

How to destone coffee beans

If you want to produce roasted coffee of the finest quality you will always need to destone the material as part of the coffee roasting process. The standard process is that you first roast the green beans in the way you are used to and according to your standard, professional settings. When the beans are roasted they first need to cool down, using the cooling tray and fan of the Giesen Coffee Roaster. This is also a standard step in the roasting process.

Combination of Giesen Coffee Roaster with Giesen Coffee Destoner

After the cooling phase you can use the Giesen Coffee Destoner to sort the roasted coffee beans and get rid of all the foreign bodies that might still be present in the product. When you combine a Giesen Coffee Roaster with a Giesen Coffee Destoner, you have the perfect workable solution. Both machines can be combined easily for the best and purest end result.

Giesen Coffee Destoner

The Giesen Coffee Destoners are suitable to destone all different types and sizes of roasted coffee beans and work on single phase electrical supply 230V/50/60 hz. They separate the material from foreign bodies as small as 2,5 mm, leaving only fresh, clean coffee beans of the highest quality. The Giesen Coffee Destoners are available in three different types:

  • Giesen Coffee Destoner OW20. Capacity approx. 20 kg
  • Giesen Coffee Destoner OW50. Capacity approx. 50 kg
  • Giesen Coffee Destoner OW100. Capacity approx. 100 kg

Which of the above types suits your company the best will depend on the required capacity of your production process.

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