Giesen Coffee Roaster Type WPG1 ใช้แก๊ส

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Giesen Coffee Roaster Type WPG1 ใช้แก๊สสอบถามข้อมูลสินค้าเพิ่มเติม โทร 02-681-2424 ต่อ 1201-1205A sample roaster is convenient in many different situa...

Giesen Coffee Roaster Type WPG1 ใช้แก๊ส

สอบถามข้อมูลสินค้าเพิ่มเติม โทร 02-681-2424 ต่อ 1201-1205

A sample roaster is convenient in many different situations. Do you want to experiment with a new roast profile? Roast an exclusive coffee in small batches? Or bring your roaster along to a coffee expo? It is all possible with our WP Sample Roaster.

Introducing our WPG1 Sample Roaster

The WPG1 Sample Roaster enables you to find the exact roast of your choice. You may have a roast in mind, taste it in your mouth, but now want to make it come to life.

Designed with three trays on the frontside, the WPG1 makes it possible to experiment, test and compare three different batches side by side. This compact model has a capacity of 50 – 200 gr. per batch combined with complete professional roasting functionalities.

It is possible to influence the entire roasting process by controlling the drumspeed, airspeed and temperature. The WPG1 Sample Roaster can roast on an accuracy of 1%, controllable modularly in 100 steps. It comes with the special feature of a built-in infrared sensor, making measurements of the bean temperature extremely accurate.

Compact, professional and versatile

The WPG1 is compact (75 x 47 x 75 cm) and has an attractive, artisanal appearance. This makes it the perfect model to place prominently in a store or bar. In this way customers can engage in the roasting process, seeing, smelling and feeling what is happening during the roast.

The WPG1 (gas) has a little sister that works on electricity: the WPE1 Sample Roaster. It can be connected directly on any available power socket and needs no special power current. This makes the WPE1 very easy to (re)place and bring along to fairs, expo’s and markets. Roasting on the spot was never easier.

Quality meets beauty

The WPG1 (and WPE1) is a high quality, full service coffee roaster. Small, but highly effective it can be operated manually or (semi-)automatically.

By connecting the machine to the Roast Profile System or Cropster software (optional) the entire burning process can be read and repeated, including the drum speed, air speed and temperature settings. This ensures a constant quality level of your favourite roast profiles.

The WP serie has a distinct artisanal appearance. We selected the design and materials with care, choosing high quality materials such as cast iron and precious wood. As with all Giesen coffee roasters the sample roaster can be customized in any RAL or NCS color of your choice.



Gas (WPG1)

Heating (WPE1)




50 gram –
200 gram
230 V – 50/60 HzNatural and PropaneElectrical HeatingØ 80 mm85 kgCE

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